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Heihei's Nest
An upside-down helmet stuffed with posters and fliers from the machine.

Secrets Motive Envelope
Wander's extreme sympathy and focus on others' needs stem from a large part of him that feels small and helpless.


Heihei Honey Nut
It's a chicken. A rather dumb chicken. Don't let it near rocks.

8. Wanderer's Banjo
For all your space country music needs. This banjo is the happier one of the two.

3. The Abstract
A gift from Karolina. It's a scary looking book. It appears to have been written in some sort of code...

46 - Snowglobe
An elegant snowglob depicting a cathedral. Instead of snow, small birds "fly" around when you shake it.

3 - Puppet Show Flier
A tattered old flier, advertising a puppet show featuring "The Great Stromboli".

12 - Ticking Clock
No matter what you do, nothing short of smashing it makes this clock stop ticking.

64 - Carrot Pen
A cute little pen shaped like a carrot, it just so happens to be fitted with a hidden microphone.

4. 11 - Wanted Poster
A wanted poster for the notorious B'rer Fox - "Known for general nastiness. A danger to Critters 'n everyone else. Likes rabbit stew."

6. 27 - The Fox and the Hound 2 DVD
A DVD for "The Fox and the Hound 2: The Fox and the Hound Start A Band". Good thing you can't play it.

7. 66 - Toy Truck
A toy truck with a little rocket affixed to the top - blast off to Pizza Planet!

78 - Royal Garments
This outfit consists of a red cape, a yellow helmet, and stick. Very regal.

15 - Pink Dress
Make it blue!

5. 4 - Sorcerer's Hat
ARIEL HAS THE HA- oh wait, wrong game.

9. 74 - Pogo Cane
Looks like a cane, but it bounces like a pogo stick!

2. 82 - Infinity Gauntlet
A massive golden gauntlet, with six holes in the front of it, meant to hold...something.
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(Final Fantasy X)

A kind, wise man that let Wander work part-time at his shop. Very fun to be around as he enjoys having a good time. Taught him some basic white magic spells before he left. 

Bertie Wooster
(Jeeves and Wooster)

An odd, but nice, human that seems to be confused by everything Wander does. He talks a lot about his home planet, but it took a while for him to clarify that the countries he mentioned weren't planets.

Tuco Ramírez
(The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

He may seem grouchy on the outside, but Wander is sure he's such a nice guy when you get past that! Very easy to get along with, from what he can tell. Kind of reminds him of Sylvia.

Niko Bellic
(Grand Theft Auto IV)

He helps protect the town, and he loves animals, seeing that he has a pet dog and gave Wander his kitten, Nikolina. He seems to prefer to be alone a lot, which is kind of a shame. Wander has to do some extra work on this guy.

Dr. Rene Belloq
(Indiana Jones)

An archeologist that works in the museum and goes on digs to find old artifacts. Wander gave him an old vase as a Christmas present since he loves collecting things so much. How could he trick everyone and leave a friend to die? Wander had so much faith in this guy, and he hopes he'll learn to be a better person back home.

(Dr. Who Expanded Universe)

Smart and serious. A very good person, Wander is sure, but needs to relax a bit, even if he does a lot of important things for work.


A pretty and kind witch, only Wander didn't learn about the last part until recently. He's pretty sure that he should spend some time with her when he wants to relax.

Agent K
(Men in Black)

He and Wander chat often, so he's considered a good friend. Knows about different kinds of animals, so maybe they can sit down and talk about that one day.

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Basic Information:
4th Walling?: No
Hugging:Of course! Wander lives for hugs!
Surprise Kisses:Only if they are non-romantic in nature. Otherwise, contact me first.
Physical Harm:Preferably not unless it's a minor injury, otherwise discuss it with me first
Illness:Go ahead
Other: Feel free to pick him up or carry him a short distance, especially if he's not listening to you or he's doing something he's not supposed to.
Mental: I'm good with mind-reading. Mind Control is okay, just warn me first.
Content Warnings:Wander has anxiety issues, and when he's stressed this can escalate to panic attacks.
Personal Restrictions: No NSFW threads
Additional:I am open to backtagging and threadhopping

Character Information:
Description: Wander is about 2.5 feet tall and is covered in orange, smooth fur (when he's washed). He speaks with a southern accent (specifically, Georgian).
Medical History: Wander is physically healthy alien.
Abilities: Wander is small and agile, which helps him hide and avoid enemies. His hat seems to have some magical properties, as it can store anything and at times spit out small items, though way the item is to be used is not immediately apparent and it never gives out weapons. Wander is also skilled at playing the banjo.

He is not very strong or study, and will have difficulty with lifting heavy objects and cannot take heavy blows. He refuses to directly harm others, and he has difficulty resisting the urge to assist someone who asks for help. If he's not paying attention, he tends to be terrible at keeping secrets.
Game Info: Wroks part-time at Full Cure. After learning some White Magic from Braska, Wander has access to two spells: Scan: Checks an enemy's strengths and weaknesses and how hard it might be to take it down. Cure: Using Vitis energy, Wander can heal minor wounds or one major wound. This takes up a lot of his energy, so he limits this to one person a day.
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